Announcing – Worship – Discipleship Training 2017

We are so excited to announce our NEW Discipleship Training School focusing on Worship. If you love to spend time in the presence of the Lord, give honour and glory to Him – join us in 2017!

During your 6 months you will get to become a part of a vibrant cross cultural worshipping community, right in the heart of Western Sydney, the fastest growing and most diverse community in Australia.

Experience growth and share your passion for worship with others, being enveloped into deep worship from the nations, dance to the beat of the african drums, move gracefully to the beautiful sound from pacific or lose yourself in melodic sounds of the celtic pan pipes.

Having set aside time for skills development each week which will involve song writing, musical skills, get to lead worship sessions in our campus and some local churches. The main thing is you will grow in your character as a true worshipper.

You will be part of 24/7 worship during your 3 months in Sydney.  During your outreach, you will join others worshipping in Middle East, Asia and Pacific.

Press Into It !


Melville GEORGE

Please furnish more information re this Training incl dates, costs etc…


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