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ESL Info



We are so sorry. We are not running the ESL schools in 2018



ESL (English as a Second Language) is an intensive program for students whose native tongue is not English.

Purpose of ESL

ESL is a second language course that our base offers as an intense language education program. Our goal is to equip students with the English-speaking culture and combine English communication skills in order to raise missionaries to send to the nations who will be cross-cultural worshippers.

ESL Lecture Phase

ESL covers a variety of topics. Students participate in lectures alongside native English speakers from YWAM and the local community serving as staff. The follow details are some examples of what takes place during the ESL course.

  • Participation in fun, conversation-centered lectures
  • Worship, intercession
  • Reading, writing, speaking, listening
  • Excursion (field trips)
  • Activity (cultural experiences)

Lecture Fee

$4,450AUD(include Excursion Fee)


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