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What is a Discipleship Seminar?

A Discipleship Seminar consists of a 6 days (2 hours each night) spread over 6 weeks course of interactive lectures, study, small groups and outreach, designed to lay a firm foundation in the students life for a fulfilling and fruitful Christian walk and to help prepare them to become involved in leadership in their different spheres of influence.

Discipleship Seminar is an exciting time of drawing near to God. It is designed to provide Christians, young and old the opportunity to take 6 days away from the pressures and responsibilities of daily life to focus entirely on Jesus and finding their identity and purpose in life, in order that they may return to live with a sense of who God is and His plan for their lives.

During the course students will be immersed in a schedule that will offer them time alone with God, small group interaction, classroom teachings, study time, fellowship and ministry. Students will also have free time for fellowship, personal study time and the opportunity to let it all soak in.


▪   To gather and challenge people to get to know God and become all that they can be.

▪   To inspire and cultivate growth in one’s relationship with God resulting in Christ like character, which is based on a solid Biblical foundation, the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of Biblical truth, especially concerning God’s Character, the Cross and empowering Grace.

▪   To sharpen one’s ability to relate to, learn from and work with people, including those of different cultures, personalities and perspectives.

▪   To further equip each one to serve God’s purposes in strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor, and to influence all areas of society.

▪   To impart vision and purpose in the lives of students.

It would consist of: 

–       Learning and growing together

–       Working in a team

–       Embracing diversity

Subjects focused on are:

▪   The Character & Nature of God

▪   Hearing the voice of God

▪   Evangelism & Missions

▪   Prayer & Intercession

▪   Identity in Christ & Spiritual Warfare

▪   How to read, study & apply the Bible

▪   Father heart of God

The Seminar will:

▪   Incorporate Instruction that is highly interactive and makes use of story-telling, one primary way of learning.

▪   Provide different opportunities that instill purpose and destiny to students to counteract the pervasive hopelessness and despair on many, by providing them with an opportunity to contribute their unique gifts and talents to help fulfill the Great Commission.

▪   It allows the participation of students in a DTS-type program, who find it difficult to leave home and family for an extended time.

▪   Throughout the seminars we desire to encourage authentic gifts and cultural expressions of the Gospel and Worship

▪   Spiritual growth and preparation to become representatives of Christ in all of lives arenas for the participants

▪   The raised up leaders would provide positive role models for their communities to be emulated.

The Seminar aims to graduate students …

▪   With a growing understanding of the breadth and depth of God’s character and ways

▪   Who are becoming more like Jesus in the way they relate to God and people 
who increasingly cooperate with the empowering presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit

▪   Who listen to and obey God as the result of God’s enabling Grace

▪   Who search the Scripture in such a way that transforms beliefs, values and behaviors

▪   With strengthened lifestyles of worship, intercession and spiritual warfare

▪   With a greater ability to work with others, especially those different to themselves

▪   Who can share the Gospel with the lost and have a life long commitment to do so 
with a commitment to continue to be involved in some way with God’s work among the nations, including unreached people, the poor and needy and in spheres of society

▪   With a clearer understanding of God’s purposes for their life and a sense of their life direction

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Start Dates

Here are the Discipleship Seminar start dates. If you are searching for dates beyond the dates below, please inquire through our contact form.

7th November – 12th December 2016




phone: 02 9625 6227