10 Reasons to love DTS


Everybody has a different experience when going through DTS. We asked students and staff around campus to put their DTS experience into one or two sentences. The following are 10 reasons to consider when choosing to do a DTS.

1. DTS is a tool that God uses to fulfil His will for the world; that every nation will confess the name of the Lord. – Lidia (USA)

2. A place where you can know about God and where you can learn about yourself. – Daniel (Australia)

3. DTS is a great program to help you to die to yourself everyday which will lead you to a healthy realtionship with God and others. – Lourdes (Philippines)

4. Growing deeper with God and impacting the world, all in a community environment. – Clemont (Vanuatu)

5. Knowing more of who God is and knowing more of who I am in God. If I know who I am in God it will be easier to tell others. – Sade (Finland)

6. A new challenge to find out more about God and myself in a practical way. – Hyejin (South Korea)

7. God used DTS to bring healing in ways I did not expect. I’m thankful to the Lord for the experience of DTS. – Nicole (Australia)

8. A school of life and how to live with God. A training for every day to prepare for the world with God. – Grace (Switzerland)

9. DTS is realizing who you are and finding out you have your own special calling in life. – Ida (Finland)

10. DTS is: Transformation, self-denial, learning about genuine authentic relationships, how to follow, how to communicate, how to forgive and let go, how to claim your identity in Christ and pursue your dreams without any reservation or fear. –Joshua (USA)

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