Jan DTS – outreach


I think in general I can say that this time here in India isn’t just a blessing for the people we meet but also for us. Everyday we are going to the slums and praying for and talking to people. One day we came to a flat and there was a woman sitting with her leg in a cast. She told us that she broke her leg just a week ago and that she was in pain and couldn’t do much anymore. She told us that in 3 weeks she was going back to the doctor and that she might need surgery if it doesn’t heal properly. She was a believer in Jesus but we asked her if she believed that God could heal her. She said yes and we prayed for her. After a week had gone by we were once again in the same slum and saw her. But she was no longer in a cast. She was was walking around with TWO healthy legs. She told us that everything was good and that she didn’t need surgery! God had healed her! Praise the Lord!

– Testimony from Tabea

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