The privilege of going…

Wow it’s a privilege to go to the nations, we love it, currently we have teams in Cambodia, Thailand and Vanuatu.

Our DTS team in Santo, Vanuatu (Pacific Islands) is serving and living with the native people. Their desire was to meet, learn, and love the people.

For many of our students this is a new and unforgettable experience.  Such as eating veggies and rice 3 times a day; to ice-cold bucket showers, which I’m sure are refreshing with the extereme heat, sleeping on dirt floors, eating off leaves, maybe even wearing leaves, you never know….

What about Instagram, Facebook and YouTube you ask?  No network and definitely no electricity… just face to face doing life with each other.

The team has been involved in building water pumps (Bore Hole) for some of the villages that are in desperate need of water.  They have also experienced what a mission it is for each household to get water everyday (Something that millions of people face daily), taking long hikes through uncharted jungles of Vanuatu and muddy slopes to get water.  That’s just another day in the life for some of the native people of Vanuatu.

You can visit the Pacific Islands, but to live with the people, well what a wonderful opportunity, privilege to have families open their homes and lives. The females students have been spending most of their time with the women.  In the Ni-Van (Vanuatu) culture women spend time with woman and men spend time with men.  So while our female students have been occupied with cleaning, cooking and helping with the children.  Our men have been put to the test. They have been working hard with the local men, building, chopping firewood and hunting for food.

Since we are Island Breeze it wouldn’t be outreach without some traditional Island Dancing.  Our team has been able to use dance and song from the Islands to worship and share the Love of Jesus, to reach out to people. We have seen many people touched.

Currently the team is running evening crusades and mini DTS (Discipleship Training School), with over 20 young people in attendance, which is just amazing as they are taking what they have learned on their DTS (Discipleship Training School) and sharing from their own lives how God has changed them and set them free. They are truly making disciples of the nations.

Over all our team is doing very well and have been a great encouragement to the locals of Vanuatu. They have inspired and encouraged, ministered to the broken, shined the light of Jesus Christ in a place where it is really needed. They are making disciples of all the nations.

Our team has 10 days left and we would really appreciate your prayers for them to finish strong.

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