The week with ywam

We kicked off as always with Monday worship. We were joined for the week by Mr Tom Hallas, who is one of the key people in YWAM Australia. Mr Hallas reminded us that God is trustworthy. All were encouraged to chew on the trustworthiness of God throughout the week. Mr Hallas was teaching the DTS (Discipleship Training School) about the Father Heart of God, encouraging the married couples in missions here, and hosting a men’s breakfast.

On Wednesday the regular Mt Druitt food program and outreach was taken over by the DTS teams returning from Cambodia, Thailand and Vanuatu. They led a time of praise to God with island and hip-hop worship dances. One staff member said it was great to see and hear “Jesus blaring”.  It was an amazing time as the peace of the presence of God took over and completely changed the atmosphere of the busy shopping square.

On Thursday we had a big celebration to farewell students and to welcome new staff. It was a wonderful time of worship, hearing stories of what Jesus had done, and being blessed with amazing food.  We were also treated to a special dance by the team returning from outreach .  We are sad to see the students leave, but are so encouraged by being able to witness the wonderful transformation achieved by their growing knowledge of the love of God. It is also nice to hear that they will miss us too, one student saying, “I feel like this place  has become home and a part of my heart”.

So a big week here, but I’ll leave you with these final thoughts. When an angel told Zechariah that he was going to have a son the angel said that the prayer that you no longer pray has been answered. (Luke1:13, The Passion Translation) Perhaps this is for one of you out there. God loves us enough to answer prayers that we no longer pray.


Natasha Ratcliff

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