Breaking the Chains of Pain

During our house visits in Kenya, we decided to stop at the house of a young woman where I proceeded to stay and fellowship. As our conversation went on, I found out that she was 18 years old and married. Which shocked me because that meant she was only one year older than me. During our conversation I was lead to share my testimony. 

I could tell that the woman warmed up to me because she shared her experiences. Which included decisions that were made in her past resulting in the loss of children. Leaving her with feelings of guilt, shame and fear. The fear of losing another child or not being able to have one was impacting the relationship with her husband. Hearing her story broke my heart.

I kept asking the Holy Spirit how to continue. Which lead to a lengthy conversation. In the end, she found the love, peace and comfort of Christ. And because of that, she was able to forgive herself and others who have hurt her. 

I learnt through my outreach in Kenya, is how important it is to have personal conversations. The kind of conversation where the individual is loved, cared for and, valued. These simple acts are a reflection of the love God has for us. I was amazed at what the Holy Spirit can do when we just stop, pray, listen and obey.


Victoria Metzger, September DTS
Kenya field assignment testimony


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