Transformational Leadership Seminar Image

Transformational Leadership Seminar Image

Transformational Leadership Seminar

Transformational Leadership Seminar Info

Transformational Leadership Seminar Info


  • Start Date: May 13th – June 21st

The Transformational Leadership Seminar is a 6-week internship with Youth With A Mission. The TLS is a course that is designed to further train the students in leadership to be able to impact the nations. Student will be equipped in leadership, in ways that allow them to lead and teach others to be effective in all domains of society and in cross-cultural missions. During the course students will not only discover their gifting in leadership, but will provide a platform for them to lead out in it and apply what they have learned.


The leader and the YWAM Values:

  • Shaping YWAM foundational and training values
  • Historical Perspective on YWAM founders and leadership
  • YWAM leadership structure
  • Vision and objectives of YWAM and Home Base
  • ¬†YWAM and World Missions


Developing the leader within:

  • The leader and his personal prayer, devotion and worship lifestyle
  • The leader and his relationship with God
  • Personal accountability and mentoring
  • Bringing out the talents, gifts and strengths
  • Personal financial management and fund raising skills
  • Relationships with others and opposite sex


The Transformational leader:

  • Transformational versus Transactional leadership
  • The lifestyle of Jesus
  • The Shepherd and His flock
  • Leadership styles
  • The leader and authority
  • Working and submitting to other leaders and pastors

The leader and the Ministry:

  • Basic preaching and teaching skills
  • Mentoring and one on ones
  • Leading teams
  • Raising up other leaders
  • The visionary leader
  • Strategic planning and Goal setting skills
  • Pioneering new ministries

The leader and his/her cross-cultural ministry:

  • Ministering to and leading cross cultural teams
  • Understanding people from different cultures
  • Embracing unity in diversity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Biblical World-View


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