Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a transformative journey designed to deepen your faith and understanding of God while equipping you for service in your community and around the world. Our DTS program in Australia spans 5-6 months, divided into lecture and outreach phases. It’s an immersive experience where you’ll engage with teachings, practical assignments, and cross-cultural experiences to grow personally and spiritually.


Spend 12 weeks diving into character development through teachings led by local and international speakers. Topics include hearing God’s voice, understanding His character, and preparing for His call. Experience cultural immersion with visits to country towns and indigenous communities, enhancing your learning journey.

During the lecture phase, you will have wonderful opportunities to visit country towns and indigenous communities and enjoy sitting around the campfire, eating damper, telling stories, and learning from our First Nations people. (you might even get to eat kangaroo)


During the 8-9 week practical field assignment, apply what you’ve learned in the Lecture Phase. Work with your team locally and internationally, sharing your faith and gaining cross-cultural experience. Our Outreach teams have visited numerous countries, offering opportunities to deepen your understanding of God and His mission.


Tracks are selected based on students interests, you will gather together with like-minded friends and use your gifts to prepare for outreach both in Australia and overseas. Tracks are chosen in the 1st week of DTS.

Performing Arts Track

The Performing Arts DTS track, equips you in using God-given gifts and talents to spread the gospel.

Worship Track

Worship Track program designed for those seeking deeper intimacy with God

Sports Track

Reaching communities and nations through sports

Compassion Track

To be the hands and feet of Jesus


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YWAM Sydney Island Breeze, located on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, and the second location in Western Sydney, Australia. We’re surrounded by bushland and overlooking stunning beaches with incredible sunrises. It’s the perfect place to connect with God in a serene and beautiful setting.

We’re a multicultural campus that loves and respects different cultures. We actively share the love of Christ with people from all backgrounds. We’re here to help this generation find their purpose and follow the path that God has planned for them.


Most frequent questions and answers

The DTS Lecture fee is AUD $4200. This covers tuition, accommodation, meals, select recreational activities, and local transportation. Please be aware that this fee does not cover travel expenses to and from Sydney, visa fees for entry into Australia, or health insurance during your stay in Australia.

AUD $3000 to $3500 plus Airfare (ranges depending on the location) … 

YWAM was created to equip and send young people into the nations, but as long as you are 17 years old or older with having completed high school (or have a GED), you can apply! There are some DTS’s that specifically focus on providing mission training for families or older students.